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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Excel Shortcut Keys

Well, I've tried several times to get a "table-like" structure for the shortcut keys I promised, but can't seem to get it to look right. So, unfortunately, I have to provide it in a list instead:
  • Ctrl-F3: Define Names
  • Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V: Cut, Copy, Paste (respectively)
  • Ctrl-R: Copy contents to the RIGHT
  • Ctrl-D: Copy contents DOWN
  • Ctrl-P: Print
  • Ctrl-F, Ctrl-H: Find / Find-Replace (respectively)
  • Alt-': Select style (e.g., number styles, border styles, etc.)
  • Ctrl-G: GoTo
  • F2: Edit the current cell
  • Alt-F11: Bring up the Visual Basic Editor
  • Alt-F8: Bring up available macros
  • Ctrl-N: New workbook
  • Shift-F11: Insert a new worksheet
  • Ctrl-W: Close the current workbook
  • Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y: Undo, Redo (respectively)
  • Ctrl-1: Format cells
  • F3: Enter named range into a formula
  • Alt-Tab: Switch between programs / windows
  • Ctrl-Tab: Switch between workbooks
  • Ctrl-S: Save the current workbook
  • Ctrl-PageUp, Ctrl-PageDown: Go one worksheet UP or one worksheet DOWN (*)
  • Ctrl-Left, Ctrl-Right, Ctrl-Up, Ctrl-Down: Move to the left, right, top-most, or bottom-most cell in a range
  • Ctrl-Shift-Left, Ctrl-Shift-Right, Ctrl-Shift-Up, Ctrl-Shift-Down: SELECT from the current cell to the left-most, right-most, top-most, or bottom-most of a continuous range.
  • Ctrl-A: Select all cells in the current sheet
  • Ctrl-Home: Move to cell A1 in the current sheet
  • Shift-Spacebar: Select Row
  • Ctrl-Spacebar: Select Column
  • Ctrl-(, Ctrl-Shift-(: Hide, Unhide Row (respectively)
  • Ctrl-), Ctrl-Shift-): Hide, Unhide Column (respectively)
  • Ctrl--, Ctrl-+: Delete or add cells / rows / columns
I hope you find the above shortcuts useful. You can use them to become VERY proficient in Excel by combining commands. For example, to delete a row you could combine keys above as follows: select the row by using Shift-Spacebar and then delete the selection by using Ctrl-- ... that's a minus sign.

You can also learn to quickly access other commands that don't have shortcuts by looking for underlines in the menu bar. For example, I ALWAYS use the "Paste-Special" command, but it has no short-cut key (at least, none that I'm aware of). By looking in the menu bar, you'll see that the E in Edit is underlined. So you can quickly access that with Alt-E. Within the Edit menu, you'll see that the s in Paste Special... is underlined, so you can access that (after hitting Alt-E) by hitting the S. Once the dialog shows up, you'll notice there that many items are underlined; for example, the t in Formats. So to copy a cell and then paste only the formats, the key combinations would be Ctrl-C (to copy), move to the new cell, and then Alt-E-S-T-Enter. That's it. I also found one other site w/ some useful info: ASAP-Utilities. I've used the add in utility before (when I was at Deloitte), and found it useful but I don't use now.

Anyway, good luck!


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